Monastery of St. George

The Monastery of St. George was founded several years after 1016 long before 1447, probably in the 13th century. It was an independent monastery, governed by the Patriarch of Constantinople.

In 1447 (or a bit later) the independent monastery of St. George, joined as a dependency in the monastery of Great Lavra of Mount Athos. The current building complex of the Monastery of St. George dates back to the years of the Venetian and Ottoman rule. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the building was renovated. Based on what is written on a marble inscription over the church tower, the current church of St. George dates back to 1599 – 1602.

Until 2001 the monastery was fully operational. However, with the earthquake of 2001, it was damaged and for this reason it remained closed to the public until the repairs were finished.

From the balcony of the west wing of the monastery, you can enjoy an impressive view of the town. The monk there will always open the gates during the day and guests can enter in the interior of the monastery.