The Lighthouse at Lithari Cape

At the southeast end of Syros, in Lithari cape, there is the only two-storey lighthouse in Greece. It is a square building with a circular tower of 12.5 meters high, which was first opened in 1894.

During the Second World War the lighthouse was kept closed and was reopened in 1949. In 1988 the oil machines were replaced and the lighthouse started using solar energy.

On June 15, 2012, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism declared the lighthouse Greek Public Property and monument "due to its remarkable architectural structure which makes it a representative sample of a special category of buildings; the lighthouses. It has helped the development and safety of navigation in the region, is connected with the naval tradition of Greece and is a reference point for sailors but also for residents of the island of Skyros."

Also the original mechanism of the lighthouse (mechanical parts, wheels, swivel plate, timer, the Fresnel optical system) was also declared a monument as it is "important technical and scientific evidence for the lighting systems of lighthouses in the late 19th century”.