Archaeological Museum of Skyros

In the two halls of the museum there are archaeological finds dating back to the Early Helladic period (2.800-1900 BC) till Roman times.

Among others, you will see vessels of Cypriot origin, a geometric compass with horses engraved on it and a ritual vessel in the shape of a horse. Some of the most interesting sculptures are: girl of archaic period, funerary column (480 BC) and a statue of –perhaps- Apollo. In the courtyard you will see architectural elements and sculptures from different periods and sarcophagi from the Geometric period.

The museum hosts the great folklore collection of L. Kostiri in memory of her brother, archaeologist I. Papadimitriou.

Open hours

Daily, except Monday: 08:30-15:00


  • Full fare: €2
  • Reduced fare: €1
34007, Skyros